Have your tired, old floors refurbished by the best in the industry today, by calling James on 07796 675 373 or dropping us an email at info@floorreal.co.uk.







Floorreal specialise in floor sanding in Berkshire, wood floor restoration, refinishing and installation.

We also offer worktop and countertop sanding and refinishing, as a supplementary service. With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, we’re the experts at what we do and, having worked for a variety of high-profile clients across Surrey, Hampshire and West London, you can be sure your floor is in the best hands possible. Give us a call to talk more about what we do and who we’ve done it for.

Why Choose Us?

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Our Process

1. Site Survey

We’ll come round and assess the area you need serviced, free of charge. We’ll measure the room or rooms in question and select an area, that’s out of the way, where we can show you a sample of our sanding, colouring and lacquering process, to give you a flavour of how your finished floor could look.

2. Get Your Quote

There and then, we’ll produce a bespoke quote for you, so you won’t have to worry about chasing us up. We’ll be sure it’s fair while covering the costs that the process will reasonably incur. Should you wish to go ahead, we can book in a date that suits you.

3. We Get to Work

Using only the best quality materials and equipment, we refinish, restore or re-lay your floor to your specifications. We can help you with furniture movement before and after and take up carpets, as necessary. The process will take approximately one day per room or space, depending on the size.





It's that simple! Have your tired, old floors refurbished by the best in the industry today, by calling James on 07796 675 373 or dropping us an email at info@floorreal.co.uk.



Wooden Floor Refurbishment floor sanding

Wood Floor Restoration

We specialise in restoring old wooden floors to their original glory, preserving a valuable and stylish period element as your home changes and modernises over time. Wood floor restoration is a much tougher job than a relatively simple refinish. It requires someone who truly understands the floor in question. That would be us!

Wooden Floor Refurbishment floor varnishing

Wood Floor Refinishing

We believe your house should change with your personality and preferences, which is why we offer a variety of options when it comes to colour and level of finish. Styles change, people change – your floor should change with you. We consider your style when recommending any colour changes and can complete the finishing process to a variety of strengths, considering the use intended for the new space and the wear and tear that that will inevitably bring about.
Wooden Floor Refurbishment fitting floorboards

Wood Floor Fitting

As well as wood floor restoration and refinishing, we have the tools and the capability to replace a wooden floor altogether. We only use materials of the highest quality and don’t work with laminate or vinyl. This is a special service and not our main port of call. If you are interested in a new wooden floor, please get in contact to discuss what you’re looking for and to see if we can serve you.





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